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The third volume of my series entitled ‘How Film & TV Music Communicate’ is now available for free download. So far the first two books have been downloaded over 30,000 times and, judging on emails I have received, readers have enjoyed them. It’s great to have written books that people have found to be helpful and insightful and it’s good to know so many people are interested and passionate about film music.

I have decided to have a ‘contribute button’ in case anyone wants to, or is able to contribute to the costs involved in the production of the books. This is voluntary and the books are still available for free.

London, April 2015
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For anyone who might be interested, Leeds College of Music, a music conservatoire where I work as Principal Lecturer, will be running a BA course in Film Music from September 2016. This is the first of its kind in the UK; it features dedicated 1-2-1 composition tuition and a whole host of modules which cover composition, orchestration, music production and history as well as modules which cover the film music industry and film theory. The course will feature a team of dedicated film music experts, practitioners and TV and film directors. It will also benefit from the involvement of high-profile visiting artists.

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How Film and TV Music Communicate (Vol. 1)

By Brian Morrell

Title Page
List of Music Analysed
Contents Page
Quote Page
01. What Is Music
02. Music Theory In Action
03. Music and Meaning
04. How Harmony Speaks
05. How Music Communicates
06. The Deft Touch of Subtlety
07. The Harmonic Power of Music
08. The Rich Culture and History of TV Music
09. Music for TV
10. Film Music in Context

Download whole book (14.1 MB)

How Film and TV Music Communicate (Vol. 2)

By Brian Morrell

Title Page
List of Music Analysed
Quote Page
01. Documentaries and Commercials
02. The Subtleties
03. The complexity of Harmony
04. Horror
05. In Space Everyone Can Hear the Chord Changes
06. Jurassic Park and E.T.
07. Skewed Perspectives
08. Intricacy
09. Excitement and the Grand Gesture

Download whole book (16.3MB)

How Film and TV Music Communicate (Vol. 3)

By Brian Morrell

Quote Page
Title Page
01. Science Fiction and Fantasy
02. The Name's Bond, James Bond
03. Documentaries
04. Horror
05. Drama
06. Historical Drama
07. In Space Everyone Can Hear the Chord Changes 2
08. Thrillers
09. Songs, Soundtracks, and Library Music
09. Temp Tracks, Film Music, and the Classical Tradition

Download whole book (25.8MB)